Did you see all that rain?!

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Of course, you did.  It was everywhere and it was unrelenting.

I had a midday appointment that ended around 2pm and, even though I was sooooo hungry, I stopped at the office for a moment and when I was finally ready to get some food it was raining.

And it was raining so hard.

And it didn’t stop.

It was well past 4pm — and I was hangrier than I’d ever been (is that a word?) — when I walked 1.5 blocks down the street, completely soaking my entire body and more lastingly my shoes, all for a lackluster meal.  Only to turn around and face the assault of rain again.

I’ve not lived here long enough to appreciate the rain. I’ve said it before: when I’m from, rain is a burden.

So I was requisitely humbled when I returned to Facebook an hour later only to find this photo and videos of folks (including an adorable little dog) who had a worse afternoon than I did.

Photo credit: William Carballo (via Facebook)




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