José Martinez Shines as Michael Jackson at ACT 2PV Show

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Returning for a second season, this smash hit extravaganza is not to be missed. The designated King of Pop created music and dance movements which forever changed the pop music world. Chart-topping was assured every time he released a single and album recording. The star who will astound you is a talented Venezuelan TV personality and Award-winning Michael Jackson impersonator who has performed from Brazil to Mexico, José Martinez.

«Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin» ignited the evening with six dancers entering in total​ly​ black ​attire​, including sunglasses and hat. José emerged looking similar but with gold trim and braids. He moved, nodded and posed as we would expect Michael Jackson to do. Tonight promised to be a visual and musical journey through the life of the 20th Century’s most ingenious musician. The three pairs of dancers were beautifully choreographed, swaying from one side to spinning in the other direction. Matters became mysterious with «Smooth Criminal» as José slid across the floor on his toe-tips.

Spotlights exploded with the ultra-classic «Beat It». No one present had the ability to sit still. Reflecting the ​clothing​ image, he discussed «Black or White»: «If you’re thinkin’ of being my brother, It don’t matter if you’re black or white.​»​ The gloved one whooped and shrieked as his body moved lengthwise and his feet displayed his self-created moonwalk.​ ​A table was rolled out and the male acrobat Moises Ponce performed his balancing body art with handstands, back bends, backward and forward rolls. The audience was in awe of his ability to hoist up high and straight and hold the position.

After an intermission, José returned with five brothers dancing behind him as he touched upon a couple hits which they ​had​ received as the Jackson 5. The group’s «I Want You Back» was the first to top the charts and introduced this phenomenal ​young ​artist. José surged forward with «The Love You Save» and «ABC​»​, settling down to the lovely ballad «I’ll Be There». These early Motown songs were expressed exactly how they were when on the airwaves in the 70s starting when he was only twelve.

Then, the lovely Alexia Ponce Galindo appeared dancing and stretching with two male associates. She is an acrobatic contortionist and her talent is mind-blowing. The 1980s brought the historic albums/cds «Off The Wall» and «Thriller» with one classic song after another. The production of «Billie Jean» was stunning with plentiful dancing arrangements. «Don’t Stop ​’​Til You Get Enough» and «Man in the Mirror» featured synchronized choreography, with not one dancer missing a beat. The room’s mood settled in for the sweet «Human Nature», sung delicately by José.

Stillness on the set led to a throng of ​scary ​zombies exploring the area, then Michael appeared in his trademark red jacket and the rhythm moved to «Thriller», his spooky, creepy look at the risen dead. The total delivery was quite impressive. ​​»Can You Feel It» ​jump-started the crowd, then «Don’t Stop​ ‘Til You Get Enough» signaled the end of this mighty night of precise tribute to Micael Jackson . Although the world lost this soul in 2009, his music lives for eternity.

Produced by José Martinez and Carlos Garcia Zarate.

Directed by Carlos Garcia Zarate.
Musical Producer José Martinez.



Insurgentes 330, Colonia Emiliano Zapata, Zona Romántica, SouthSide, Puerto Vallarta.


Gary R. Beck

Puerto Vallarta, JAL.

A Note from the management of Act2PV:

As the world navigates its way through the changes that have occurred recently, Act2PV is very serious about protecting our clients, our staff and our entertainers!

In addition to observing all governmental requirements (masks required, hand sanitizers, feet sanitizers, temperatures taken, etc.), Act2PV has implemented extra safety measures in our Main Stage theater, including ozone purifiers, ozone disinfectors, air purifiers and heppa filters. We will also be operating at 25% capacity, with some seats blocked off in order to follow governmental social distancing requirements.

Your well-being is our #1 priority!

Danny Mininni, managing partner.


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