Spencer Day and Effie Passero Come Together at The Palm

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Spencer Day and Effie Passero
Come Together
Born in Mormon country Utah, raised in rural Arizona and currently living in New York City, Spencer is an accomplished pianist playing tunes from various musical fields and many of his own compositions. He twirls across the ivories with ease, causing many in the audience to watch and listen with gaping mouths. Tunes include selections from jazz, musical theater, cabaret, soul, folk, traditional and contemporary pop. He is well-rounded and so very popular in the Puerto Vallarta area.
Classically trained, Effie is continuing on her path of growth musically and grooving with her audiences. She has scored well on «American Idol» and now tours mainly in Mexico displaying her rich voice which soars up to the high notes, holding them.
Sutton Lee Seymour emceed the introductions, first with Lady Zen who sang «I’ve Got You Under My Skin». Hew powerful show is upcoming here. Next Branden & James were brought on stage and gave everyone «Hallelujah» of Leonard Cohen. This pair features one on piano and vocals and the other on cello, combining classical drifts with pop tunes. Their Lady Gaga Songbook is a theatrical treat not to be missed which they previewed with her «Cherry Pie» [«You and I»].
Spencer said «This is weird.» He had not sang in front of live people since March. That is a lifetime in a singer’s life. It is amazing that only recently they discovered that they could harmonize together very well. Suddenly they became a pair of two voices blending very well. Roberto Falcon once again filled the stage with his terrific guitar work, fingers flying over the strings. His «Till You Come to Me» concerns a lover who has left but he will not give up: «So I’m gonna bide my time bearin’ my misery.» Effie chose «Crazy» to describe how she felt when losing her mind.
Self-penned «Movie of Your Life» is by many opinions the best song he has written. The lyrics deal with one’s life being composed of acts and scenes. It also pays tribute to the Golden era of Hollywood B&W Cinema. Tonight, he did not sing another extremely well-written top favorite about a living complex popular with the Hollywood types, «Chateau Marmont». He also wrote the beautiful «72 and Sunny», relating how fine the weather is today but he is down with the blues.
His discography includes albums «Vagabond», «Daybreak» and «Mystery of You». Spencer’s seventh album «Angel City», based on Los Angeles, continues Spencer’s musical thoughts of love and love lost. Many of his own compositions are featured on each album.
The duo delivered their new song «State of Emergency». Written, recorded and video filmed on a rooftop while unexpectedly under quarantine in Mexico due to the pandemic, the song features Spencer on piano and vocals, Effie on vocals, and locally-based artists Zoe Wood and Eduardo Leon on guitar. They made lemonade out of lemons.
The Beatles in song appeared with the stunning «And I Love Her» with Spencer excelling on his piano, adding notes to his arrangement and interpretation of the song. Their harmony was at its peak with rich sweetness bounding into the air.
Spencer announced that the evening was coming to an end and they strongly presented the show’s theme song, «Come Together» from The Beatles. The crowd was together and will be returning for more exquisite mixing of jazz, blues, pop and soul.
The Palm Cabaret
Olas Altas 508
Zona Romántica – Southside, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
21st Anniversary Season
Tickets: www.ThePalmCabaret.com
The box office is open from 10 am – 10 pm.

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